Ah! If you have a penis, I’d imagine the thought of breaking it would be kind of horrific. I mean, I don’t have a penis and I cringe at the image. But it is possible and it’s very serious. So listen up, especially if you are into rigorous sex that involves a lot of hard and fast penetration!

Lets Break It Down (No Pun Intended)

When a penis becomes erect, it fills with blood. The blood then absorbs into the tissue, which maintains the erection. Because of the pressure of the blood, the penis is unable to bend. When the penis “breaks” there becomes a tear in said tissue due to some type of hard penetration, i.e. pulling out quickly, missing the intended orifice and WHAM, the penis hits, bends and the tissue tears. This break is called a penile fracture.

But How Do I Know if It’s Broken?

Um, you’ll definitely know. When the impact to the penis happens and the tear occurs, you will hear a loud popping or cracking sound from the pressure. Your erection will cease and you will likely have a swollen and bruised penis, as well as potential internal bleeding. If your urethra is affected, you may also urinate blood. Yikes.

So What Do I Do With My Fractured Member?

According to Weill Cornell Medicine’s Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery go to the hospital ASAP. The sooner you go and confirm that it’s a penile fracture, the better the treatment outcome. If you decide to wait, scar tissue can form and cause significant erectile dysfunction. For example, your penis may curve. Like, really curve. As well as other issues that can affect your ability to have sex.

So just remember: penile fractures are serious. If this happens to you and you feel embarrassed about going to the emergency room, don’t. You don’t want your embarrassment to potentially cause some form of erectile dysfunction for the rest of your life.


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