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By Twirly Cat

I’ve always had the desire to partner with another caretaker. I am a deeply domestic individual who needs to be able to take care of others, so naturally I have always wanted someone who could reciprocate that care and attention. I am a submissive by nature, am in a 24/7 Master-slave relationship and have had the opportunity to explore my need for a Daddy-Dom over the course of our three-year relationship. He has facilitated a way for me to create a new headspace to play around in and we have built a beautiful dynamic that allows me to completely let go of all responsibility (besides the rules that apply in that space), and be silly and carefree.

Little Girl.

My little girl headspace utilizes diapers, stuffies, coloring books and Disney movies to remove all “adult” stressors while allowing me to be clear headed and small for any amount of time we determine. I don’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning, serving or any of my personal adult responsibilities outside of my Master-slave dynamic because they can either wait or Daddy can take care of them.

The Desire For Diapers.

The most significant physical component of the little girl headspace is the utilization of diapers. He has always wanted an submissive-type who was into wearing them so we mixed our desires to develop a dynamic that provided satisfaction for both of our needs. It has now grown into a dynamic that exists all on its own. I didn’t know I needed diapers to be a part of my little girl headspace, but they provide a sense of safety where I know I will be taken care of. I’ve found that part of being in a successful relationship is the ability to explore beyond what you yourself have imagined, allowing yourself to try new things that you never thought you’d be into. I don’t recall ever even considering diapers to be apart of my kink until I tried them and now I find a sense of safety and security in wearing them.

Intense Intimacy.

There is an intense intimacy around being put into a diaper and being changed out of one. I don’t think there has ever been a time I have felt smaller or more loved than when those activities are taking place. The connection I feel to my Daddy is indescribable. Overall, I think it really fits well with the little girl space I have craved. Moreover, it’s a good transition to move from slave to little girl and allowing Master to move to a more Daddy-based headspace. The diapers keep me warm, safe, loved, and carefree… and the butt pats are pretty awesome too!

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