The holidays are HARD and require a lot of emotional energy that some of us don’t have to begin with. One thing I often hear is how difficult it is to deal with body image this time of year. Between snarky family members and constant work-out/dieting ads, it may have you thinking, “How will I ever make it out unscathed?!” Well, don’t worry. I got you! The following are 7 ways to make it out of the holiday season alive and feeling sexy AF, to boot.

Change the Damn Channel:

Seriously. Don’t listen to that shit. The sole purpose of the dieting and beauty industries is to make you feel horrible about yourself for the all mighty dollar. If you aren’t running to buy the next dieting pill or waking up at 4:00AM to attend the soul-crushing body boot camp, they aren’t profiting. So, when you hear slogans about how you need to lose that holiday weight or follow your new year’s resolution by purchasing a $1,000 elliptical, change the station—it’s empowering. I promise!

Throw Your Scale into an Active Volcano:

Scales are the devil’s children. What purpose do they serve unless suggested by a medical professional for some legitimate, non-body shaming reason, except to check-up on ourselves in a way that is often unhealthy and obsessive? Yea, I don’t have a reason either. So, if you want to keep Damien in your house the other ten months of the year, you do you, but consider putting it away during the holidays to decrease anxiety.

Buy Some New Diggs

If you can afford to, consider going shopping to buy a nice new outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks. When we feel great we exude confidence and confidence is SEXY. Just make sure if you take someone shopping with you that they are supportive and affirming. No one wants to shop with someone negative and body-shaming.

Spend Time with People Who Love You AND Themselves Unconditionally

You know that friend…the one who is always making self-deprecating statements about how they look or how much they weigh. It’s hard to take them shopping with you because nothing they try on is ever good enough and in their mind, it’s because they are so fucking grotesque (which is absolutely not true). Outside of the fact that it might be time to reevaluate why you are spending time with such a Debbie Downer, you may want to stand clear of them this holiday season. Their negativity won’t do you any good.

Have Lots of Hot & Steamy Sex

What better way to remind yourself you are super sexy than through the eyes of a partner(s). Do we want our self-esteem to be dependent on their view of us? Nope. BUT, sometimes we need a little reminder and what better way than to have someone worship the hell out of you?

Fuck Those Harmful Family Conversations

You don’t deserve to be treated poorly and you definitely don’t have to take bullshit from your family. So, when Uncle Jeff or Grandma Eunice start sticking their damn noses where they don’t belong, you have the right to walk away; start a conversation with someone else; or leave. For some fucked up reason, family think they are entitled to making comments about our bodies, most likely because of their own insecurities and unhealthy views of their bodies. But the thing is, they aren’t entitled to that. And if it is going to be damaging to your well-being, do what you need to do to keep yourself safe.

Take Care of Yo’ Self!

Go for a run. Eat cake. Stay up late and watch Netflix. Take a long shower. Say affirming statements to yourself in the mirror. Sleep naked. Dance in the living room to your favorite song, with or without a friend. Spend time with people who lift you up. Take advantage of that holiday sale at Target. Look at cute animal videos on Youtube. Do what you need to do, just make sure to take care of yourself. A happy self is a sexy self!


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