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What makes knife play so edgy? It is a combination of fear play, sensation play, and light medical play; it does NOT involve branding or cutting. (That is pure medical or blood play and not discussed here). Frankly, the thought of a knife pressed into someone’s soft skin or hearing the unmistakable ‘snick’ of a switchblade sends delicious shudders through my body. Knowing I am not alone, I have gathered my top tips and references for you on “knife play for newbies.”


More than almost any other tool we use in BDSM, knives are weapons that are inherently fear-inducing and often triggering. Discussing feelings, triggers, past experiences, and expectations before a scene is an ABSOLUTE must. Never, ever bring a knife into a scene without negotiation.

Rev Your Engines…

Even if you are very familiar with handling knives, do not immediately use a knife on your partner. I highly recommend starting out using a blade for fear play only, then using something else (a credit card, fork or some other completely dulled metal) on the skin while the bottom is blindfolded. You get the fear and sensation without the risk; while also being able to try your boundaries. Then, go to munches (Look on FetLife!) or play parties where experienced folks can mentor you, and you can help get in on the action with guidance. Finally, you will be ready to use a blade on your own partner… building up slowly. As someone who has topped and bottomed in knife play, it is amazing what the tiniest movements and noises can cause in a bottom. Overdoing with a knife is never needed.

Choose Your Weapon Wisely

Fixed stainless steel blades (surgical quality) are your best option. Blades with fancy chrome or rainbow coating can chip (leading to cuts) or irritate skin. Serrated edges should never be used. I prefer and highly recommend a blade with only one edge. Most of the time you will be using the unsharpened side while you are still new to this type of play; there simply is not a reason to start out with a double-edged blade. I firmly believe in never using a blade whose edge has been dulled. If it has an edge, it can cut, and a dulled edge is going to make a *nasty* cut. Don’t over sharpen your edge and don’t use it until you are trained (see above paragraph),

So Fresh and So Clean

Scratches and small cuts can and will happen. Always wash your hands beforehand if you are handling the knife, make sure the bottom does not have any lotion/perfume/lube on that would irritate minor cuts. Always have a first aid kit nearby. In conjunction with everything else you did in the Consent portion, you and your partner need a plan of action if cuts happen and/or if either of you have any bloodborne pathogens or STIs. This will help determine the level of barrier protection you want to use.

Go forth and learn slowly, because the build-up with knife play is delicious 😉


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